Motion Art

Ever-evolving ambient motion art for screens in homes, businesses, public spaces and NFT collections. Most pieces result from my custom-built MetaArt system—a work of art that creates works of art or aids me in doing so. Many of these pieces are intentionally designed to gracefully morph into unexpected forms over time—an invitation to relax, sit back, and enjoy the full-screen experience. They are also inevitable conversation pieces while entertaining.

> Full-screen viewing and headphones recommended.

Visual Music

The Pools of Pangea

The Geometry of Clouds

The Clockworks of Destiny

Works in Progress (currently silent)

The Sun in All Your Moons

Duly Noted

Aliens Ate My Watermelon

Would You Like That Gift Warped?

The Gates of Fruition

Last Night at the Stardust

Heart of the Matter

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